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Commitment issues? (No Time...Not Now, Next Month...I'm Old...etc...)

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Even with the best of intentions, exercise motivation fluctuates. it’s not necessarily that some people are more motivated than others. Motivation changes; it’s not static. Some people have weeks when they’re motivated and other weeks when they’re less motivated, even me!

So you don't have enough time? Turn 1 hour of exercise into 30 mins of energy burst! Just showing up to the gym is not enough if you fall in that category, your mind state is too "rushed" to be effective at the moment. Best scenario is to plan ahead, and create a structure workout plan the night before your schedule workout. Preemptive structure is your best solution.

So you can't get to the gym because of "insert excuse here"? Consider technology. aNF has a strong & successful online personal training system. Our motto is "Fitness Fit To Fit Your Way Of Life" because fitness cannot be mass produced and your needs are unique to yours and we deliver. Our Online Personal Training Programs, our Fitness & lifestyle coaching, or our Nutritional Programs all come equipped with tracking parameters and a coach checking in with you periodically.

So you find fitness or your routine boring? Hit a plateau? Think differently and take a fresh approach every chance you can. Take your workout outside, take it to the water, grab some friends, spice up the music in your device, repeat the same routine but in reverse! etc... HAVE FUN!

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Kayla W
Kayla W
10 de out. de 2021

Great post thankks

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