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Your DIET!?

FACT: Diet quality far surpasses quantity & keep an eye on your mindset.
The environment around you, MATTERS!
Everyone responds uniquely to changes, by huge margins.

Quality VS quantity VS you

  • Focus on real foods, whole foods, mostly prepared at home if possible. Consume or add as much green vegetables to all your meals, everyday. Consume lean pasture grazed animal meats and sustainable fish (wild caught).

  • Eliminate processed foods products, added sugar products, refined white flour products, trans fat, and aspartame (diet labeled products / most low sugar labeled products).

  • Prepare as much of your own foods as possible, even your lunch. Just because you brought your own lunch does not mean you cannot be social at noon with your peers. Also, you do not have to eat every time you feel hunger, sometimes being dehydrated feels as if you are hungry, so take a deep breath, get up and get plenty of water, I promise you will not die, faint, or lose a kidney.

  • Of course, control your alcohol (it isn't good for you, no matter what study you read "lol")


Your environment!

  • If you absolutely love brownies and someone locks you in a room with all sorts of delicious brownies with the task of not consuming one AT all. How successful would you be? Identify your trigger foods and try to stay away from them physically, as much as possible. That means try not to buy them, don't "reward" yourself with them, or simply try not to be in the same room as them. They are called trigger foods because they inhibit all possible self control (we all have quite a few trigger foods, nope your not special )

  • Your JOB! if you work in the blue collar sector, you hit your movement quota faster & easier than the white collar sector. So just keep in mind you have to move, especially in this world of ours where we are literally sitting more than standing.

  • Life can be stressful and even when you do everything right, you may find yourself not making any grounds. It is easy to consume too many calories, even the good kind. Always double check and think if your hunger is warranted, could you be thirsty? could it be an emotional hunger due to stress or even joy (reward hunger), Pause and think if you really need to feed at this moment.

  • Move as much as you can. Our society is not conducive to health and fitness, some areas of the world have it a little bit easier but overall our planet is getting heavier (literally). Any opportunity you may have to move your body, TAKE IT! go dance! go workout! walk the dog! go for a hike with the family or friends...MOVE!


Biology matters!

  • Understand that you and everyone else NOT opting for plastic surgery is shackled to their DNA! I process food differently than you, I have different fat deposits than you, I have different hormone levels and responses than you! These variables combined makes a monumental difference in attained results and its quality. Because of that do NOT COMPARE you and your journey with anyone else's, I know it is hard which is why the second bullet is also so important.

  • Develop a great relationship with food, AND with yourself! Most people are not aware of this but there is a huge portion of the world population who are classified as "non-responders" meaning their bodies DO NOT respond as well to diet and exercise as a "responder"....AND THAT IS OK! it is DNA linked and there is little you can do about it.

  • Your overall biological body plan is pretty much set in stone (height, muscle length, skeletal frame & proportion, etc...) The best YOU can do is to be your BEST SELF, some will have to work harder at it than others and such is the classic game of evolution, but it should not discourage you at feeling good inside and out, loving and respecting your body...You only have one, lets keep it in top shape!


Should you need help to get you started on your fitness journey, contact us at and let's make that step towards your fitness journey TOGETHER!

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