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bob h.


"I have been working with aNF and Alistaire for a just over a couple of months. Thanks to his suggestions on changes in diet and adding in the cardio and strength training, I have not only lost over 40 lbs so far but I am feeling great about it. What is been great is that I have a bad lower back and Alistaire has helped me tailor my workouts to not only deal with my condition but also to build up core strength to help reduce the weakness that is aggravating my back.  It has been awesome to work with someone that is encouraging and responsive to my back issues.  I am on a life change and aNF is helping to guide the way." 


-Bob Hengstebeck / Plainsboro , NJ


jon s.

college athlete

Jon is a college athlete who transformed his body using our Online personal training programs in conjunction to our workout library.



college graduate



48 year old, mother of 3

Elsa transformed her body using our Online personal training programs in conjunction to our workout library and our Nutrition Programs.



scientist / mother / athlete

J - B is a mother of 2, a scientist and an athlete, who initially was doing 1 on 1 personal training sessions with fitness expert Alistaire Nzekio. J-B has seen Great improvement in her fitness performance and continues to challenge herself one event at a time.



high school student



anf founder

I also struggled at some point, and I made my system work for me. I talk the talk but also walk the walk, If i can do it for myself and countless more, I can do it for you!


scott Q.

first time race-event participant

I have been working with Alistaire and aNF for well over a year in preparation for my ironman distance triathlon that I completed in October 2014. In that time, I went from 26.25 minutes 5km race to 22.17 minutes 5km race as well as completing the 140.1 miles of the triathlon in 12 hours and 16 minutesAlistaire educated me in the best training methods for all the different disciplines in the triathlon. Not only did I increase speed, I have increased muscle mass, reduced excess fat and in general am much fitter than I was in 2013. His enthusiasm and friendly pressure encouraged me to push harder than I would have believed possible.



 -Scott Quinn / Robbinsville, NJ 



46 year old hockey player



mother of 1

J.K is a mother of 1, with a busy and extremely strict schedule. She first started her aNF fitness journey with 30 mins Remote fitness program, working out twice a week and mixing it up with aNF custom workout videos. Not only has she noticed great changes to her body but also her mood and energy levels have gone on the positive. GREAT JOB J.K


steven b.

former college athlete

Steven Bassin is a former college football athlete, who tried out the aNF PØWR-FSE BODY online fitness program and was elated at the results he noticed. Steven has seen Great improvement in his core strength and his overall fitness level. GREAT JOB STEVEN!




Carol is a 77 years old woman who decided to walk into my PØWR-FSE small group class. At first, she was skeptical and afraid she may not be able to perform or keep up. However PØWR-FSE is adaptable to any fitness level and she surprised herself of how well she not only performed but felt afterwards.



author / designer / mother



aspiring boxer champ

Mike achieved his new physique in 1 month and 12 days! He increased his muscle mass considerably and his power along with his agility, there is definitely ways to go to claim the title of boxing champ but that is what makes this journey so exciting. Great job Mike! We are proud of you here!



64 year old gym first-timer

"I've experienced better core strength, which is noticeable in swimming and running; also noticeable in cycling; the 07/20 sprint triathlon bears that out. Flexibility is noticeably better, particularly legs, but also upper body. Cardio is a strength, it continues to be. You're professional, know what and how to do. You know when to push and when to pause. You make our work serious but enjoyable at the same time. I've appreciated both. I'm looking forward to continuing our work: it will help me in the 09/15 duathlon. It will help in later fall races, too, particularly if I choose a half-marathon. I'd recommend you as a trainer: you've improved a 64 years old who never set foot inside a fitness center in the 30 years I've run nor in the last approximately 8 years I've cycled and swam. If you can do that, you can improve anyone. Thank you Alistaire, thank you aNF"


 -Edward Niemera / East Windsor, NJ



grad student / newlywed

Sandesh achieved his new physique in 2 months and 4 days! He increased his muscle mass and lost quite a bit of weight but most important, 7% body fat loss. There is definitely ways to go to Sandesh ultimate goal but we are on the right track!



social worker 

Gowri was a member of my PØWR-FSE Small group training class, one of 28 people, Her testimonial video is so detailed, words are not necessary, check it out yourself.



healthcare professional




Jasper is a young man in his 20s who struggled with his fitness and just keeping with the lifestyle, so he purchased our coaching services and with the help of our experts we managed to give Jasper a new perspective not only on fitness but on his overall life and health. This is just the beginning Jasper, Thank you for being amazing!


healthcare professional


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