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Why are you waiting for the right time!?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Through out my career I have had my fare share of excuses as to why someone isn't ready to get their fitness journey started. From lack of motivation to lack of time but there is always one that always shocks the soul out of me..."I'm going to start later when I feel ready", what does that even mean?

If you are out there and you feel like you are just waiting for that right time, I want you to ask yourself. Is it the right time to make better health choices? Or is the right time when your doctor orders you to? Is the real reason because you are afraid and unsure about how to go about it OR could it be you are self conscious and there is a level of shame that is preventing you from taking that step? maybe you do not feel ready to put in the required amount of "work" needed to achieve your goal(s)? what ever it is, YOUR first step would be to answer that question...What does it mean "when the time is right".

The reality is no one is ready for change, it takes the right conditions NOT the right time. Those people you may see who go to the gym everyday, don't necessarily want to, but they have developed the skills and tools to over ride their rationalization of not exercising. The same can be said to those who eat right, doesn't mean they don't want to have the candy and the cake and drink themselves to oblivion, it means they have created the conditions to reinforce that behavior, and like everything else, the first times are always the hardest but EVERYONE started somewhere.

The thing is is that if you choose to wait until you feel ready, you will end up waiting forever, and trust me, time is unforgiving and you never get it back. Don't wait until the conditions to your change is driven by consequences, but rather create those conditions under your terms, do it while the choice is still yours to make.


Should you need help to get you started, contact us or drop us an e-mail to and let's make that step towards your fitness journey TOGETHER!

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