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Planning ahead!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Planning ahead!

Most of my life here in the USA I have been called a "nervous Nellie", not because I was timid or shy, but because I hardly ever did anything without having a full picture of the situation. I was never the one who would just say "yes" to anything, I had to understand what I was saying "yes" to and the implication it could possibly have. I loved being prepared as much as possible, and hated being caught off guard, a trait I most definitely inherited from my mother. So I want to share with you the power of planning ahead and how it can be an incredible tool to your fitness journey!

Planning ahead is something we all do, you do it first thing in the morning when you wake up, you have a general idea of how your day is going to be like (hopefully). However, planning ahead requires a lot of mental power, and so any planning outside your habitual ritual routine just naturally makes you uncomfortable, for the simple fact that it no longer is "easy". Thus subsequently we do a sort of triage, devoting most of our ahead planning to things we deem essential like work and kids (mainly). Everything else is left to "chance" or to the famous mental quote " I'll deal with it when I get there ".

You see, it used to bother me when my friends and co-workers would call me "nervous Nellie" but then I looked how chaotic some of their lives were, and although I shouldn't have but I did, I compared it to how orderly my life was, and how I was that much more successful on getting things not only accomplished but done well. Their projects were somewhat "half ass" they were always on the median, in almost all aspect of their lives. Nothing was really great, they were "OK", some were even failing. And then I wondered, as if a light bulb lit up in my head, most of these people at the gym or anyone undertaking most fitness journeys are unprepared, they are in the mindset of " I'll deal with it when I get there ", and not really putting in the mental focus to map out their journey.

Having a goal is just the first step, getting there will require you to plan and map out your trajectory. Would you ever try to drive from USA to Mexico without your GPS? Or looking it up online FIRST? Same approach should be taken when you are dealing with your fitness, no matter how small or big the goal. Having a structure, understanding and knowing what you should be doing next and how and when, makes the world of a difference. Knowing it the night before or even the week before, heck a month before, would place you ahead of most, and it will change your life. You will get the results you crave and want. And the power of planning ahead is that it is applicable to all aspect of your life, it is the fundamental ingredient to success.

Here at the aNF, PØWR-FSE was forge under that same principle, structure and planning ahead, it is design to maximize your result potential. Check out our PØWR-FSE online training programs HERE. Remember plan ahead! know what you are doing next, and stay fit.

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