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How to stay on top of your fitness goals and attain success in 5 simple steps

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

​How to stay on top of your fitness goals and attain success in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Make a commitment

There is a reason why you started, whatever reason(s) you owe it to yourself to honor them. Book your gym appointments, hire a trainer, change your diet, change your habits, educate yourself and set a fitness schedule that you follow through. Remember, YOU control your destiny, NOT your boss, friends, spouse or kids.


Step 2: Be prepared

If your goals are important to you like water is to thirst, then there are no reasons why you would show up to the gym clueless as to what you should be doing that specific day. Hopefully you don't show up to an interview without having a clue of the company's name you're about to work for. The same concept applies here, prepare for the next day’s workout the night before. Have a clear vision of what muscle groups and exercises you will be performing, having clear structure will keep you focus and on track. Our aNF online training programs HERE do just that.


Step 3: Step up the effort

Remember your body is exceptionally clever at "staying comfortable" Keep the challenge up in the gym arena. Change things up a bit, throw yourself curve balls, explore your limits, be willing to be scared a bit. PØWR-FSE method does just that and safely, check it out HERE


Step 4: Acquire proper Support

Get a gym partner, hire a trainer, surround yourself with like minded individuals. If you are always hanging around the friends who eat out all the time, cocktail hour every few days, etc...and who constantly try to make you partake in the ladder while aware of your fitness goals, then you are sabotaging your success.


Step 5: Patience

A lot expect miracle results, understand that it didn't take you 3 months to look the way you look now...Therefore it certainly won't take you 3 months to look the way you want to look. Everyone's body responds to exercise and diet differently for many different factors/reasons. However one thing is certain, for the body to physically start changing, an initial change at the nervous system level must happen first, hence why this has been and will always be a long steady process.

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