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So you want to lose weight (fat), here is what you can expect from your body.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The new year is upon us and like many years before 2018, you probably have a list of resolutions to get through, and for some of you losing weight is among your to do list. So first lets clarify something, although weight is what you want to lose, losing fat is probably what you are meaning to lose. As losing weight can be achieved by getting rid of your muscle mass which we absolutely do not want RIGHT? good, now with that out of the way lets begin.

Your Body: As you begin to implement healthier lifestyle habits, you will quickly notice how your body will begin to change, especially if this is your first time implementing those changes. However as your metabolism adjust, you will also take notice that changes are getting harder and harder to achieve, which could lead to frustration, this is not a plateau. In other words, as you make progress towards melting fat off, it because harder to lose more of it. Additionally, the more fat you burn, the hungrier you will be and the more cravings you will have.

Your Brain: After each meal your body's fat cells (adipose tissue) release a hormone called leptin. Leptin's job is to let you know that you are no longer hungry, but in the state of your new fat loss, you are producing noticeably less leptin meaning you will not only experience greater appetite, but you will find it extra difficult to say no to fatty, high caloric foods like chips, soda etc...WHY? because your brain is trying to restore its normal leptin levels.

What does this mean?: The more progress you make towards your fat loss goals the harder it will be to maintain it, even on a biological level. that struggle will always be present and that is why they call it a lifestyle. Because resisting those urges your brain will impose on you for dense high caloric foods will be worth it in the long run. You will keep type 2 diabetes and heart disease / conditions at bay, same for high cholesterol. As a added bonus, the less body weight you carry the less pressure on your joints, overall improving your quality of life.


Should you need help to get you started, contact us HERE or drop us an e-mail to and let's make that step towards your fitness journey TOGETHER!

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