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Exercise Supplements?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The quick big answer to this question is a giant MAYBE, but why?

The research: The supplement industry has a huge bias when it comes to their research, they mostly use a small sample group comprised mainly of young healthy men, they hardly entertain women, middle aged & older adults. Furthermore their sample size and time frames are too small for the research to be considered "definitive results". A lot of the ingredients have not even been tested to see how they react with one another and if they are safe for consumption, what are the possible side effects and possible interaction with prescribed medications.

Regulation: The FDA regulates exercise supplements quite differently then your over the counter medicine or drugs. The FDA DOES NOT TEST OR APPROVE these supplements before they are sold, that responsibility is placed on the manufacturer of the product. If you ever bought a vitamin bottle or a supplement, they are lengthy disclaimers in fine print, this probably means they have not spent the resources necessary to do the proper research.

By the way, the FDA warns that some products marketed as dietary supplements to improve exercise and athletic performance might contain inappropriate, unlabeled, or unlawful stimulants, steroids, hormone-like ingredients, controlled substances, prescription medications, or unapproved drugs. "Using these tainted products can cause health problems and disqualify athletes from competitions."

Conclusion: Because of the lack of proper research everything is a giant MAYBE! Maybe it will help, maybe it will harm you, no one will never know unless regulation changes and forces proper testing and vetting of the industry, and unfortunately with $37 billion a year, I would not hold my breath!


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