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Just ate yet still hungry?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


OK so a few reasons may cause you to feel hungry still, even after having that big dinner, let's break down the most common ones.

You ate too fast: There is a delay for your stomach letting you know it is full, so it is important you slow down when you eat. Savor it, enjoy the tastes, the smells and all the other glories a great meal has to offer, or better yet, engage in a meaningful conversation during your meal time, make a phone call, eat with the family etc... That will slow your urges to "inhale" your foods.

You are thirsty or dehydrated: Dehydration mimics feelings of hunger, drink a glass of water before eating more, then see if you are still hungry. Remember, most of us are not drinking enough.

You are bored: Yes! boredom will make you hungry, when our brain is looking for a distraction, it tends to favor what will give us the highest serotonin! My advice to you is to simply start or resume that project you have been putting off or go for a walk.


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