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Tips for eating at a buffet.

FACT: There is a primal subconscious competitiveness when we are around available food with others around. Our brain switches mentality from civilized to "have to get it before it runs out". That is why we are less likely to relinquish our spot on a queue line at a food joint than at the post office.

Browse first!

  • Before rushing as everyone does to the plates and start competing for portions, slow down and take a stroll around. Look and see what are your options, trust me the food is not going anywhere. By doing so you not only tick out your options but you already know where your choices are, less time idling is less time to "slip up"


Think small!

  • Remember, there is an endless supply of food, so no need to get competitive, grab a small plate and only one! fill it with all the good items you identified but remember it needs to still be complete so not too much of one thing, the plate must fit your carbs / fiber / protein and follow MY recommended ratio of more protein than carbs.

  • Only get up to grab more once you finish whats in your plate, having too many plates in front of you may guilt you into "finishing" them all. This strategy will also allow your body to feel full.


Satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • A lot of us just want to have that ice cream or cake, well you can! BUT! it needs to be at the end of your meal. Grab a small desert cup or bowl (to control serving), it should allow for a small ice cream scoop or a small piece of cake or just a few cookies. Allow yourself ONE run, don't go grab seconds after you finished your first "bowl"


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