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Feeling hungry does not mean you need to eat now or soon.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


Allow me to start this conversation with a simple fact. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that suggest a difference between eating 3 meals a day with 1 or 2 snacks and eating 6 meals a day. Your body's metabolism is one of the many things science has yet to fully comprehend, meaning those fat burning pills are also standing on shaky scientific legs.

When a client comes to me looking to gain weight, I simply adjust his/her caloric intake on the up side. It just doesn't make sense to use the same formula for weight management. That being said it is important to note that being a little hungry is not the end of the world but being ravenously hungry can also be a dangerous thing, as you tend to lose all self control in front of food.

Hunger is primal and rightfully so, it is also highly tied to our emotions and our stress levels. Do not forget that we live in a highly stressful society, where most of us do not enjoy many aspects of our jobs. Stress can trick your brain into thinking it is hungry, and if you are always answering the hunger call, you will struggle with your health overtime.

Here is what you should do instead! if you feel hungry, take a moment and think. How hungry are you? what time was your last meal? and what did you eat last? if the answer equates to "you shouldn't be hungry right now" chances are your hunger are emotionally triggered. Then ask yourself what stressors you are currently under? did you just fight with your spouse? got a nasty text? argument at work? or it could also go the other way, did you get a raised? are you happy work is over? etc...

Taking a break and understanding the source of your hunger will absolutely help you manage your weight and overall lead you to have more control over your outcome.


Head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away, I absolutely look forward to working with you.

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