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The Misconception of Getting “Toned”

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The Misconception of Getting “Toned”

During the long journey to seeking long-term success in the fitness world, the word “tone” or getting “toned” seems to get thrown in the mix. The actual reality of that word is that it has no meaning to fitness professionals. There is no way to tone a muscle in the same way that spot reducing for fat loss is not possible. We at aNF are here to help in the understanding of what changes the body will go through during your individual fitness journey.

When the common person thinks of what toning actually is, it’s considered sculpting the body into the fashion that suits them. The issue with this term is that it sounds as if you have the ability to change the way your muscles look to your exact wants and specifications. Every person’s body is different, so even though workouts and proper diet will help to build lean muscle and burn fat, two people with the same body fat percentage can look completely different. Accept your body for what it is and try to become your best possible self!

Another issue is that many are afraid that building muscle will make them “too bulky”. This is not actually the case. Caloric intake, sets, repetitions, and volume will have a direct effect on what you will look like. High rep ranges with lower weight will help to build lean muscle specified for endurance. Low rep ranges with higher weight will help develop hypertrophy build for more explosive movements. The human body responds to it’s needs and demands, so train in a fashion that will help you in your everyday life. If you’re training for a marathon, you wouldn’t go and do sprints for 6 months. Train for what your body needs.

The body is a complicated specimen and we have our own characteristics. Don’t be concerned about “toning”. Be concerned about building lean muscle and burning fat. These two things are the key to a successful ending and will help to get the body that you are envisioning.

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