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How to stick to your nutrition goals while on vacation?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


You worked so hard and now it is time for a well deserved vacation, where you can sleep all day, eat anything you want at whatever time you want. Oh and also add drinks to this temporary rule, because you deserve it! Although you are correct, understand that you can undo weeks of proper dieting in just a few days, so here is a simple tip to indulge and limit the potential nutrition damage brought on by vacations.

Pick which meal you get to indulge in & on which day. Letting yourself go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between is not an option, so rather then turn into a food zombie for your vacation and mindlessly consume everything in sight, pick which meal to indulge on a specific day. For example day 1 will be breakfast indulgent, day 2 will be dinner, day 3 will be lunch etc... You pick. However, refrain from having more than 1 indulge per day, I know it could be hard but it is a solution worth trying. For those with more fervor intermittent fasting is an awesome tool while away. Of course do not forget to workout each day and keep being active...Have fun!


Head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away, I absolutely look forward to working with you.

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