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Your obsession with weight loss and why you should stop!

Being in this career field of fitness the number one goal on everyone's lips is to lose weight, is that you? if so, I don't think you realize what that means, furthermore, you are thinking about it the wrong way, let me explain.


Most fitness goals are set based on the body we'd like to have. Flat stomach, abs showing, defined muscles, thinner thighs and who wouldn't want that? But here is what people forget:

  • There are no guarantee you would meet those goals. Your body and your genetics are in charge here, it decides where the fat is lost first or fastest, or how much muscle to build over a period of time. Not seeing those desired results will frustrate most and prompt a "give up" scenario.

  • It wont change who you are: Changing how you look on the outside, wont change who you are on the inside, of course it will feel good and help with our emotional health too but, even after we lost the weight or change our bodies, some of the same problems we had before, still exist.

  • A weight loss goal is absolute torture, not sustainable: To lose 1 lb in one week you need to be in a 500 caloric deficiency a DAY! that is A LOT! what happens if you can't workout one day? there goes your week goal. Those extra beers you had? there goes your week goal. Had too much sodium at dinner? water retention build up and there goes your week goal. It takes so little to set you back weeks, if you focus on weight loss. It is just not functional, not in the society you live in.

Here is why your fitness goal should be, "Help me change my lifestyle".


Start the opposite way, change your lifestyle and see where your body falls, it is a lot more stress free, and allows you to focus more on what is important, YOU!, and not a scale. STOP saying "I'll lose x amount of lbs" but START saying:

  1. "I'll exercise x amount of times this week"

  2. "I'll sleep a lot more this week"

  3. "I'll set a better example for my family this week"

  4. "I'll eat healthier this week"

  5. "I'll meal prep this week"

  6. "etc..."

Fact: Blood pressure significantly lowers | Your mood significantly improves | Your creativity explodes | after 1 hour of exercise involving weight training.

Should you need help to get you started on your fitness journey, contact us at and let's make that step towards your fitness journey TOGETHER!

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