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Better meal prepping....maybe?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


How often have we all heard how important meal prepping should be, and for those who have tried to implement it probably realized how tedious it can be to cook for a whole week in advance in one day, especially in our busy lives. Tedious and time constraint is a perfect recipe for "lack of consistency".

Any ideas? YES! this may not work for everyone but most of us can agree that weekends is when we fall off the nutrition wagon and fail at our eats. Weekdays tend to be easier to eat healthier overall, partly due to less socializing and less idle time to think about food. So instead of spending 4 to 5 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday cooking for days worth of foods, why not cook for a weekend's worth of foods. It is less time consuming and targets for the most part the days that are most difficult for you to stick to your diet rules. You can turn the event into a Saturday morning family hang out time...think about it.


Head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away, I absolutely look forward to working with you.

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