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New to this? what to expect from your journey, program, and most important, YOU!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

New to Working Out? Here’s What to Expect

If this is the first time you are working out, welcome! We are glad that you have decided to make this decision. Unfortunately, due to what we see on commercials and in the media, there are a few things that you may be expecting to happen. We will set the record straight for you so that you are prepared with the proper tools to achieve success in your expedition.

  • Know Your Thresholds

The human body is a wonderful thing, but we can only push our body so far. The key to success in the gym is to not push too hard, but not push too little. You cannot push past complete exhaustion, as it will cause a reversed effect on your body. Most of the veterans know how their body responds when they are pushed to the very limit, so we don’t push past that. The goal is to be able to increase that threshold so you can push harder and get even better results.

  • Resistance Training is Needed

When most people start working out, they tend to gravitate towards the cardio equipment. This is because it is what comes the most natural to most, as certain weighted or bodyweight movements can seem to be intimidating without proper knowledge. The key is to not be afraid to ask questions on how to do certain exercises. Resistance training is crucial to optimal results for your body. It helps to build lean muscle, which will actually aid in burning fat. Cardio, flexibility, and resistance exercise is the big trifecta for success.

  • Diet is Key

Just because you are burning off 800 calories at the gym does not mean you can go to McDonald’s afterwards and eat 3 Big Macs. The hardest part of success in the gym is not actually working out. It’s maintaining a proper diet. Diet has the biggest effect on what type of results you will get. If you don’t eat enough complex carbs or unsaturated fats before a workout, you will not have enough energy to get through it. Protein is going to be needed about 30-90 minutes after the workout. Balancing every food group is key to being successful. Meal prepping on weekends can also be helpful if you tend to grab something bad while at work for 8 hours. Put the food in containers in the fridge and you’ll have it for the week (IT SAVES MONEY TOO).


These are three key components to know if you are just beginning your workouts. Just know that we here at aNF will be helping you along the way. Stay positive, stay hungry, and we’ll guide you and keep you motivated.

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