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Egg whites? or with the yolks?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


DO NOT get me wrong, egg whites are an amazing source of protein but the whole egg is just much know....whole.

Let's first understand why egg yolks get such a bad rep. It is comprised mainly of fat, vitamins and cholesterol...scared yet? precisely.

Not to dive too much into the science of it all, dietary cholesterol DO NOT affect your blood cholesterol and consuming fat does not necessarily make you fat.

In fact, whole eggs are a great way to supplement your changing body or lifestyle. They are quick to prepare, and contain so many goodies like ALL 9 amino acids, vitamin A, B12, B2 and more. Furthermore, the whole egg will keep you full much much longer than the egg whites making it in my book, one of the most complete quick meals you can have.


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