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5 Tips for surviving the Halloween candy surges!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


Halloween is here and so are your your reasons as to why you should have your candies. Before you head to the store and indulge in your sugar loaded treats void in any real nutritional value, consider this. Is it worth the results you have worked so hard to achieve? if your answer is still yes then apply these tips below to minimize the damage!

Pick your least favorite candy. You will be less likely to gorge in if you do not find it delectable.

Wait until the last minute to make your candy purchases. Wait until Halloween night or even Halloween day to buy candy, the less time candy is in your house the less tempted you will be.

Keep it out of sight. Just knowing that there is candy laying around will spark cravings, yes your smart brain isn't your friend. Leave it in your car until you absolutely need it, or leave it outside, or keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of it.

Get rid of it. Donate or give away the left over candies, bring it to work or to your neighbors *wink* *wink*.

Satisfy your sugar cravings the natural way. Take a piece of fruit and grill it, as its water content evaporates it makes the fruit even sweeter. Sure it is not the same as a kit-kat but it will do + it has a lot more nutrition.


Following these tips might be hard or impossible for some, but following even 1 or a few of these will help you adhere to your fitness goals. The key is to set your stage for success and we can do that for you here, head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away, I absolutely look forward to working with you, .

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