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4 NEW! tips to lose your belly fat.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Besides the regular usual tips you see and hear all the time like "meal prep before hand", "have a food journal", "eat lots of vegetable, fiber & protein", "drink plenty of water", "exercise more!" and etc... Here are the tips you probably never came across and that also have a great deal of potential to help you reduce your % body fat.

1. Eat on a smaller plate: The level of synchronization our body is to our brain is always amazing. Perception is everything, and trust me no one is immune to it. Consuming a meal on a smaller plate gives the illusion to your brain that you're eating a BIG meal, and has been shown to greatly affect, positively portion control.

2. Brush your teeth right after dinner! It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to receive information from your stomach that it is full. Meaning that you may eat a satisfactory meal but not feel it right away! causing you to further snack or get seconds. By going in and exercising your dental hygiene routine after your dinner, not only gives your stomach time to pump the breaks but you are less likely to start grazing around.

3. Don't buy junk food! Have you ever been successful at staying away from the junk food or processed snacks especially when you are aware they are readily available in your home? if you answered yes, then you are either lying or your an anomaly because it isn't the norm. Once again, as soon as you are aware of the location/existence of snacks or junk food in your vicinity you brain keeps a note of it and the moment you exhibit signs of emotional hunger, you will subconsciously go to the pantry or rationalize why you should eat those chips today. Simple solution is not to have it at all in your house, trust me you'll do yourself and YOUR kids a favor.

4. STOP DRINKING! Alcohol. OK maybe not stop but cut it down to, my recommended amount, 1 glass a week at max! a glass of wine can contain 350 calories! 350! and how many of us stop at 1 glass? Furthermore, the side effect of that buzz is...MUNCHIES! you'll end up consuming more calories due to snack/food cravings, and how many of us can control that? Trust me, skinny tummies and alcohol don't mix...Sowy! :(

As usual, I absolutely look forward to working with you, head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away.

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