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Don't feel like it? That's exactly when you should.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Think of all the reasons why you didn't want to workout or eat better that day, week or month. Or how many times you said to yourself "I'll start next week".

Whatever the reasons may be they are ultimately irrelevant and rationalized excuses unless an immediate equal solution was thought of to offset your obstacle. Now think about how many times THAT happened every time you didn't want to do something. Because if you really wanted to do it, you would have found a way to, so drop the excuses and simply be honest with yourself..."I don't feel like it".

Now what if I tell you that you don't need to feel like it in order to do it. You bought into the idea that in order to be motivated and effective YOU need to feel like you want to take action or eager to do so. However unless you are being physically restrained NO ONE is stopping you, you are going off on a decision based on how you feel. If you ran your life in such a way, you would accomplish nothing, for example: Do you enjoy shoveling snow off your driveway when you could be nice and warm inside your house? If one of your solution is to pay for the service then you have proven my point, you found a solution to your obstacle instead of just finding a reason not to shovel your driveway.

If anything doing something when you least want to, will build over time on your self discipline, and create a strong sense of character and self respect, because you wouldn't want anything mediocre for you. Stop relying on that feeling of feeling like it and start relying on the possible outcomes of X action(s). Fight for your outcome.


Should you need help to get you started, contact us or drop us an e-mail to and let's make that step towards your fitness journey TOGETHER!

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