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What to do after a day/night of binge eating?

Food is heavily tied to our emotions and the saying "having a good relationship with food" holds strongly true. Our view & perception of food is also not created equal, and although we all like to admit to ourselves that our personal relationship with food is a healthy one, it is just not possible, why? Because fundamentally we all have "issues", no one on earth is perfect, and one common way we all deal with say "issues" is to self medicate with food and alcohol! it feels good, but more specifically, trigger foods.

  • What are trigger foods? Just as the name suggest, trigger foods are for some "unknown" reason(s) really hard for you to exert self control. In my case candy and nuts, specifically cashew nuts are extremely hard for me to have in moderation. When I was younger we were not allowed to have things like cookies, candy, ice cream, soda, chips in the house, and when we did, it was extremely controlled. Nuts were only brought out for occasions like birthdays, parties, etc... Thus the moment I could have access to them, my brain went into a mode of consume as much as you can. Although now i have much better control, that impulse is still very strong.

  • So what to do?

  1. First acknowledge the deed is done, there is no point in lamenting in the facts, you binge ate, it happened, move on.

  2. Second go for a walk if you can and try to find out why you binge ate? Try to identify those trigger foods, or trigger scenarios, dissect your day or evening that led you to the binge, take your time for it isn't easy nor will you likely find an answer on day 1 or day 30.

  3. Third, once you feel like you have gained somewhat of an understanding of the causes, see if you can put in place plans of actions to prevent or help mitigate your binges.

  • Conclusion: The truth of the matter is that binge eating is a manifestation of an addiction, your mental state, the food just happened to be a conduit. A binge is a lot less about what you ate but a lot more about how you felt & feel. A lot of "quotations" were used in this blog because just like everything mental, it is all relative to one's perception.


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