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Per-Fit (CORRECTIVES) - (Optimal Functionality)

Per-Fit (CORRECTIVES) - (Optimal Functionality)


Per-Fit BODY Correctives is a program based off 3 main fundamentals of functionality.

  1. The stabilization of your joints.
  2. Your posture.
  3. Your muscular imbalances.

It provides the perfect foundation or starting point to not only your sports ventures but to all Per-Fit BODY sports programs.



  1. Purchasing this product will award you 60Fp
  2. This product costs 300Fp
  3. Learn more about Fp (Fitness points) Here


    • Program's operating manual
    • 8-week program
    • Sports specific program 
    • 4 workouts per week
    • Video tutorial of your workout's content
    • E-mail support / Nutrition guidance


    • PØWR-FSE model
    • Cardio & active recovery schedule
    • 2 Skype or Google Duo "check-ins" (30 mins minimum)
    • aNF's Workout Library Access for added support
    • Progress & status tracker for accountability
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