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Per-Fit BODY (SWIMMERS) - (Sports Training Program)

Per-Fit BODY (SWIMMERS) - (Sports Training Program)


Per-Fit BODY (Swimmers) focuses on increasing your strength and power through basic movement on land while following the high intensity interval training (HIIT) model of the PØWR-FSE method. 

NOTE: We highly recommend you start with Per-Fit BODY correctives first before attempting this program.



  1. Purchasing this product will award you 70Fp
  2. This product costs 350Fp
  3. Learn more about Fp (Fitness points) Here


    • Program's operating manual
    • 12-week program
    • Sports specific program 
    • 4 workouts per week
    • Video tutorial of your workout's content
    • E-mail support / Nutrition guidance


    • PØWR-FSE model
    • Cardio & active recovery schedule
    • 2 Skype or Google Duo"check-ins" (30 mins minimum)
    • aNF's Workout Library Access for added support
    • Progress & status tracker for accountability
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