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Back / triceps workout! (gym access required)

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

NOTE: click on the exercises for the YouTube video demonstration.

| Difficulty: intermediate |


Always start with dynamic stretches. | Roll for 30 to 90 secs each side

  1. Piriformis stretch

  2. TFL/IT band stretch

  3. Hamstring stretch

Follow with a warm up of a 5 min treadmill or elliptical jog.


Cardio Blast: High intensity interval Training, using treadmill or elliptical.

  • Walk for 1 min, then jog/sprint for 1 min....REPEAT PROCESS until you reach 5 min maximum, (that's 3 walks & 2 sprints).


Sequence 1 | alternate between A-B-C-D-E exercises | for a total of 3 sets of 10 reps.

  1. 1A: Standing single arm row with pulley (10 reps each arm)

  2. 1B: Triceps pull down, (reverse grip) 10 reps per arm

  3. 1C: Lawn mower (10 reps per arm)

  4. 1D: Push ups

  5. 1E: Pull ups (wide grip) or assisted pull ups (machine)