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Your diet on weekends.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


We often find ourselves doing so well on weekdays when it comes to our discipline with our foods, only to find all our hard work undone in just 3 days, the weekend. The guilt trip that follows is just brutal and the sense of self sabotaging can be better controlled if you follow these simple steps.

But first, let's understand why the weekend is so difficult to stay on track. Because it is when we have truly the time off to spend it with our family and friends and it is our social time, with that comes a sense of "letting go" a "reward for being so good during the week". That mental frame work just allows us to rationalize bad habits. With these tips, you can take back some control and make it past the weekend gauntlets.

  • Cook at home! instead of going out to a restaurant, bring the party or the hang out to you. This way you have much more control over what you are going to eat or drink and much better portion control + it will be cheaper.

  • Refrain from eating while watching TV or at the computer! Your attention is already diverted to whatever you are watching, so there is very little left over to pay attention to how much you are eating, consequently leading you to overeat quite easily.

  • If you are ordering food instead, try to split as many dishes with the rest of the family or friends, leading to you ordering less and consuming less as well + cost effective.

  • If you do decide to head to a restaurant, practice the same tip as above...Split your meals.


Head over to our Nutritional programs or contact me at and lets get you structured right away, I absolutely look forward to working with you.

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