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Why you should not fear red meat?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


First let me start by saying that "red meat" is all meat that is red when raw and not white when cooked. Yes it sounds silly but according to the above definition, lamb, rabbit, duck, beef, and most mammals fall under red meat category.

The research: A lot of the info surrounding the red meat scare are usually drawn from the media, which are known to misinterpret observational research (it makes for better headlines & ratings), but quite frankly there just inst enough experimental trials to label red meat as a killer to stay away from! Have you heard that vitamins now can cause cancer? I hope you see my point.

How Much Red meat?: Red meat is full of zinc, iron, B-vitamins (B12 for energy), and very high in protein. It also has high levels of creatine and carnosine, all great stats for better physical performance. Like mentioned before not enough research to determine a set safe amount of comsumption but using the general rule of thumb "everything in moderation", you have absolutely nothing to fear! "enjoy them steaks!"

Conclusion: The take-home message of this article is to always focused on a balanced wholesome lifestyle. Red meat wont kill you but being overweight / smoking / excessive drinking / not exercising can!


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