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Understanding Proprioception

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Proprioception is your body's ability to not only understand its position in time and space but to also properly control it. It is measurable and also naturally declines overtime. Proprioception is also sometimes referred to balance.

RULE#1: 3 entities govern your proprioception.

Your brain (cerebellum), your inner ear (vestibular system), and your muscular stabilizers. Your inner ear analyzes the position of your head, while your muscular stabilizers analyzes your joint stability, mobility and any required kinetic adjustments; Your brain then takes all of that data and translates it into your proprioception or balance.

RULE#2: Why does our balance get worst as we age?

As mother nature intended (excluding medical reasons), as we age the fluid in our inner ear degenerates and furthermore, we lose lean muscle mass, which means that there is a disconnect between the position of your head and your body. The interpreted data becomes inconclusive which then leads to a misstep, or a fall.

RULE #3: Best solution? Neuromuscular efficiency.

Your brain is the biggest most reliable asset and it needs to understands what is going on, do not assume it knows the answer, it requires training or rewiring. First, workout out and increasing your lean muscle mass reduces degeneration rate of your muscles, it also strengthen the nerve connection between mind and body.

Certain exercises such as movement patterns involving standing on one foot statically or/and dynamically, and overtime doing so with your eyes close, forces your brain to reply more on the input giving by your skeletal muscles and less on your inner ear. Always see if your exercises can be performed with a "handicap" that safely challenges your balance.

Consequently, as we age and our inner ear starts to degenerates, we have a back up plan, your body.


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