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3 steps to improved flexibility while sitting.

Unfortunately we spend most of our waking days siting down, in your car, at your desk, at lunch, at home etc...

Over time, your hip flexors will shorten which could lead to tight hips, back pain, tight quads, tight butt, which then can lead to tight calves, tight anterior tib, and of course the dreaded round shoulders and the hunched back. Here is what you can do to counteract some of those negative effects and fight back the corporate america norm!

1 | Pull your shoulders back and straighten your spine without arching your back. The side effect of that will be a natural contraction of your abdominal muscles.

2 | Cross one leg over the other, by placing the ankle onto the opposite's leg's knee. Then add gentle pressure onto the lifted leg's knee while holding its ankle (hold for 1 minute). You will feel further contractions of your abdominal muscles and a "release" at your hips. Make sure to keep your upright posture, repeat this part for the other leg.

3 | carefully stand up (you might feel wobbly) and walk for 30 secs


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